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Thorne Accounting is a small firm of Accountants based in Auckland. Our team combine 50+ years of specialised property and business accounting and tax knowledge. Originally founded by Tony in 2004 the firm is now led by Kaison and Matt. Our focus is still on providing services to residential and commercial property investors.

We value the relationships we build with our clients and see communication as a vital part of that relationship. Our personal hands-on approach allows us to quickly understand your needs and provide a superior service at very competitive prices.


We provide tax compliance services, preparation of financial statements and income tax returns for companies, trusts and individuals.

We provide expert tax advice as to the most tax efficient ownership structures for your property investments.

We provide asset protection advice in relation to your other assets to ensure they are protected as much as possible for any personal risks you might be exposed to.


We are able to offer competitive fixed fees as we have great systems in place that allow us to get the job done efficiently.


Our fixed fees provide peace of mind as you know the price upfront so you don’t have to worry about how much a phone call or email will cost.

We want long term clients so we strive to make sure you are happy by providing outstanding service so that you'll continue to use us and tell your investor friends and family as well.


Communication with clients is a very important part of Margin Gains & Thorne Accounting. As part of that communication, it's very important that we provide clients with relevant tax information. Over the years we have spent a considerable amount time reading and writing articles about recent tax changes and extensive guides such as our "Rental Guide".


Due to the specific tax issues addressed and the extensive guides produced, we don't just give this information away to anyone. If you would like free access to these resources, you'll need to become a Thorne Accounting client. You will then have full access to our guides that include a rental guide, small business guide and trust guide as well as numerous articles about recent and relevant tax topics.

Has your accountant provided you with a rental guide that details everything property investors needs to know about tax? If not, then they probably don't have the right focus towards property investors.

Join Thorne Accounting and we'll provide the resources you need. If the resources don't answer your question, we'll write a new article that does. Contact us today.


“Brilliant service that suits our businesses. Tony is efficient and gets things done behind the scenes, giving us time to focus on our businesses. I highly recommend Tony and have referred many of my clients, both in New Zealand and overseas to Tony in particular those trading and investing in property.”

K Engelbrecht | Property Investor & Property Finder

“The professional manner in which Tony operates has allowed us to feel confident that we are getting excellent service and value for money. It’s nice to know that we can seek honest advice without the stopwatch running. His pleasant and professional attitude has made us feel comfortable that we are more than just a number. Tony was our third accountant in 2 years, and after the "Thorne Accounting" experience, we had no hesitation in dropping the last."

J Chandler | Property Investor

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