About Thorne Accounting

Thorne Accounting has been providing specialised accounting and tax services to residential and commercial property investors since 2004.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality tax and accounting services to property investors. We are constantly fine tuning the way we work with property investors so we can provide this superior service to you at very competitive prices.

The key aspects that help us to achieve our mission are listed below.


By specialising in property accounting, this has allowed Thorne Accounting to design systems to ensure the efficient preparation of tax returns specifically for property investors and to keep up to date with any property related tax changes.

tic1.pngPersonal Attention

The small size of Thorne Accounting allows us to maintain an intimate knowledge of our clients affairs. I believe my hands-on approach gives clients more personal attention and allows me to create a greater understanding of you and your investments. I believe that in order to get your job done properly, I need to be involved in the job from start to finish.


I have many years of experience both in an accounting and tax context and am very confident in my expertise within Thorne Accounting . I have many clients that have been very satisfied with the value they get from using us and a few have given us written testimonials which we have included on our testimonials page.


Good communication is essential so I’m always glad to hear from clients. I like to ensure we are easily contactable and that we provide information in a clear manner. I am also available for appointments on selected evenings so that we can meet without interrupting your working day as I know your time is important.

tic1.pngCompetitive Fixed Fees

While we believe that we offer better service than other accountants, many clients find that our fixed fees are more competitive. The fixed fees provide peace of mind as you know the price upfront so you don’t have to worrying about how much a phone call or email will cost. We’re able to offer competitive fees as we know exactly what we’re doing and have great systems in place that allow us to get the job done efficiently.


The accounting industry is quite seasonal. It’s busy from April and then gets quieter from November. The way we deal with this is to work longer hours when we need to and shorter hours when we don’t. This means we can get your tax returns done within a tight timeframe.

The result of all these benefits is that we can provide personal, reliable service to you for a competitive fixed fee.