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The Property Law Centre

Property Law Centre

The Property Law Centre is a law firm based in Greenlane, Auckland. It specialises in providing legal services for conveyancing and property transactions.

The Property Law Centre is headed by Guy Seton, a lawyer with more than 25 years experience in property transactions, conveyancing, trust and relationship property. The Property Law Centre offers competitive prices from experienced property law specialists.

Squirrel Mortgages

Squirrel Mortgages

Squirrel is the fastest growing mortgage broker in Auckland which (in this market) speaks volumes about their service and expertise. They write over a billion in mortgages each year and 1 in 5 Auckland homes are financed through Squirrel. The team is led by JB who is an active property investor himself. JB is a columnist for the NZ Property Magazine and is regularly in the media as a finance expert.

Valuit Depreciation for Rentals

Valuit - Depreciation for Rentals

Valuit are New Zealand's most experienced property depreciation experts.  They will help you to maximise the tax benefit from your property investment which will maximise your return and create greater cashflow.

Property Investor Centre

Property Investor Centre

Clint Taylor and Shane Allen will show you, step-by-step, how to generate true wealth and financial security through real estate...whatever the market. They offer a 12 month e-coaching mentoring programme where they will personally teach and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Property Ventures

Property Ventures

Property Ventures is a buyers agency licensed under the Real Estate Agents Act 2008. Property Ventures specialises in providing investors from New Zealand and overseas with cashflow properties and other profitable opportunities and projects throughout New Zealand.

We are passionate about property and our team loves working with our investors and seeing them find success through property.

Rise Advisory logo

Rise Advisory

The Rise Advisory BusinessRISER Programme introduces you to the next level inside the game of professional business - the level where ownership, profit, and abundance are found. As your business advisors we work 1-on-1 with you and give your team new skills that will produce positive results for your personal life as well as in your business, and fast.

With our Free Business Health Check you can get a quick snapshot of your business performance against that of a healthy business. This will help you determine the extent of advice you may need and highlight areas where effort needs to be focused.

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