residential property investors

Thorne Accounting are the Expert Property Accountants. As residential property investors ourselves we can provide the best advice on tax structuring to ensure that your tax affairs are optimised.

Our clients range from “husband & wife” investors that own one residential rental property right through to full time investors who own multiple properties.


We can help you make sound financial decisions to achieve future wealth through property.  We can help to recommend the best ownership structure for your situation.  And we can prepare your financial statements and tax returns in an accurate and timely manner and communicate that information to you in a clear and concise manner.

If you are a small business owner and also have property investments, Thorne Accounting can manage your business accounts and tax returns as well.


Our fixed price fees ensures there are no hidden surprises. You can feel at ease to make a phone call or drop us an email free of charge.

For new property investors we can meet with you and discuss your options, this first meeting is free with no obligations. 

For residential property investors who currently have an accountant and just want a second opinion we can provide a Tax Review - we review your financial statements, tax returns and your tax structure to make sure it's tax efficient. 

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