Resources for Clients

Communication with clients is a very important part of Thorne Accounting. As part of that communication, it's very important that we provide clients with relevant tax information. We spend a considerable amount time writing articles about recent tax changes and extensive guides such as our "Rental Guide" and our "Repairs vs Improvements Guide".

Due to the specific tax issues addressed and the extensive guides produced, we don't just give this information away to anyone. If you would like free access to these resources, you'll need to become a Thorne Accounting client.

You will then have full access to our guides that include a rental guide, small business guide and trust guide as well as numerous articles about recent and relevant tax topics.

Has your accountant provided you with a rental guide that details everything property investors needs to know about tax? If not, they probably don't have the right focus towards property investors. Join Thorne Accounting and we'll provide the resources you need. If the resources don't answer your question, we'll write a new article that does.

Here are the contents pages for two of the guides to get an idea of what they contain:

Rental Guide Contents Page

Trust Guide Contents Page