Services We Offer

Tax Compliance

We provide tax compliance services that includes the preparation of financial statements and income tax returns for companies, trusts and individuals.

Our clients range from “husband & wife” investors that own one residential rental property right through to full time investors with large commercial property portfolios.

While the majority of our clients are full time employees, many of our property investor clients also have small businesses for which we take care of the tax compliance.

Our tax compliance role includes providing you with a folder to collate your information should you require that, to ensure that any tax benefit is maximised and any tax cost is minimised, to prepare your financial statements and tax returns in an accurate and timely manner and to communicate that information to you in a clear and concise manner.

Property Tax Structures

We provide tax advice as to the most tax efficient ownership structures for your property investments.

We also provide asset protection advice in relation to your other assets to ensure they are protected as much as possible for any personal risks you might be exposed to.

Tax Review

If you have another accountant but just want a second opinion, we can review your financial statements, tax returns and your tax structure to make sures it's tax efficient for only $92 incl gst. Click here for more information about arranging a tax review.