Join the Thorne Accounting Property Program

The Thorne Accounting Property Program will increase your wealth by directing you to purchase quality properties off the plans from trusted developers.  You'll get my guidance, a specialise property tax accountant that has personally been using the same strategy for over 10 years.  We don't take any commissions from the developer so you can buy at a discount as we believe in proving an honest and transparent service.

I've been investing in property for over 10 years and would love to help others implement the same strategy that I've been using to improve my financial future.

You'll be similar to me if:

- You are comfortable with a long term property investment strategy

- You don't have the time or inclination to do your own property research as your focus is on your family, business or work

- You would like to improve your financial position for the future and are prepared to save and invest now to achieve that

If you think this might work for you, then give me a call and we can have an obligation free meeting to see whether this would be right for you.

Do you need Help?

You may be one of the many people that would like to build their wealth for a more comfortable future. I think the best way to do that is through property investment which I've done successfully since 2004. I'd love to help you follow the same path to improve your financial future.

Could you build your wealth through property without help?

Absolutely, and many people do

But, will you build your wealth through property without help?

Some will, but I see many that miss out due to inaction.

So, the Thorne Accounting Property Program is aimed at those people who need to be advised what property to buy and who need to be held accountable for the action that they take.

Why should you join my Property Program?

I consider myself to be trustworthy, honest and direct.  I'm not going to promise that you'll become a multi-millionaire and then underdeliver.  I'm going to provide an ambitious but achieveable program for you with honest feedback about the challenges and sacrifices that you might need to make.

If you are committed enough to join the Thorne Accounting Property Program, then I'll be committed enough to help you to deliver a better financial future.

What can you expect?

The cost is $10,000 ($8,695.65 plus gst).  Consider this your commitment towards your improved financial future.  Yes, its a big cost, but the cost of inaction is likely to be significantly more.

I know that paying $10,000 is a big leap of faith so I will deliver a property program that will include:

- One-on-one session to set your desired outcomes
- Access to quality properties off the plans from the same trusted developers that I buy through saving you heaps of time and effort
- Access to properties early in the development without any agents commissions allowing you to purchase at a discount 
- The instant equity in your first property will be at least as much as the cost of this Property Program
- Assessment of your lending capacity by an independant mortgage expert
- Tax structuring advice to ensure that your tax affairs are optimsed
- Regular monitoring to ensure that you keep on track to reach your desired outcomes
- 3 year timeframe where I will hold you accountable to undertake the actions required to achieve your desired outcomes

What's my property story?

I'm a property tax accountant who has been operating Thorne Accounting since 2004.  I started my property investment journey at the same time and have made a capital gain of over $2.5m since then.  I've advised a lot of clients that have greatly benefited from their property investing.  I've also seen a lot of clients who haven't invested as much as they could have so the Thorne Accounting Property Program has been developed with those clients in mind.

I'm not trying to sell you any get rich scheme or to say that you'll become a millionaire.  I'm just saying that you could achieve similar results to what I've achieved in the long term.  I like to be as honest as possible so I thought it would be worthwhile to show you the gains I've made from property.













Property Address

Nelson St, Auckland Central

Rockfield Road, Auckland

Chesham Street, Hamilton

Queens Park Cres, Hamilton

Teatree Close (1), Hamilton

Teatree Close (2), Hamilton

Ridgedale Cres, Hamilton

Mana Drive, Hamilton

Halcyon Lane, Hamilton

Marlene Ave, Auckland













Value Today

























You can see that my strategy has been to purchase a property every 1 or 2 years and then wait for capital gain.  There's nothing ground breaking here. It's just about taking action and purchasing quality properties from a trusted developer.

If you think this strategy might suit you, then give me a call and we can have an obligation free meeting to see whether the Thorne Accounting Property Program would be right for you.