tax review

Does your Accountant know what they're doing?

Here's a rather unusual proposition for you. If you're currently using another Accountant, I’ll review your financial statements, tax returns and your tax structure to make sure it’s tax efficient. I’ll then tell you if anything could be changed to improve your tax position. And I’ll do that for only $92 ($80 plus gst).

What’s the point?
Just like in any professional field, some accountants are great and some aren’t. Most people don’t have enough of an understanding of financial statements and tax affairs so they rely on other factors to judge their accountants, such as how friendly they are, whether they reply to emails in a timely manner, the branding of their firm and the price charged, to name just a few.

While those are all valid factors to judge your accountant by, it’s only a vague indication of whether they are preparing your financial statements and tax returns correctly and whether they have provided you with the correct tax structuring advice.

So, if you want to be sure that your affairs are set up in the most tax efficient manner, then this tax review is for you. A second opinion never hurt anyone.

Tax Review Thorne Accounting

What’s the catch?
Yes, $92 is a bargain for a tax review. However, I’m hoping to be able to identify a number of areas of improvements in your tax affairs. Following that, you could address those errors with your existing accountant, although I’m hoping you would see the benefit that I can offer and will want to become my client.

If I don’t identify any areas for improvement, then at least you know that your existing accountant is great which should give you comfort knowing you’re in good hands.

Why do I think I can review other accountants work?
There are lots a great accountants. I consider myself to be one of those in the field of property accounting as I have being running Thorne Accounting specialising in property accounting since 2004 and was a tax adviser at Deloitte prior to that.

Every time I get a new client from another accountant, I review the financial statements, tax returns and tax structures and I often identify errors and changes that are needed. I then wonder how many other people have accountants that are costing their clients’ money? Unfortunately, it’s probably more than you might think!


How do I arrange for a Tax Review?

You need to download and complete this questionnaire. You then need to email that questionnaire to along with your most recently completed financial statements and tax returns.